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Women's Golf Results

Results for Bribie Island Women’s Golf

11 August to 6 September 2022

11/8/22 2nd Round Club Championships – Sponsor Woorim Surfside Pharmacy

A Grade Winner: Barbara Newcomb 76 ocb, 1st R/Up Ann Rogers 76, 2nd R/Up Val Smith 77 ocb. Best Gross: Jo Malone 81, NTP’s 4th Jo Malone, 7th Desley Neilson, 14th Barbara Newcomb, 16th Myra Dickson

B Grade Winner: Maureen Bailey 73 ocb, 1st R/Up Anna de Bondt 73, 2nd R/Up Angela Claxton 76 ocb. Best Gross: Maureen Bailey 97, NTP’s 4th Jenny Williams, 7th Vivi Lloyd, 14th Mary Barbeler, 16th Maree Bailey

C Grade Winner: Sylvia Kuhbauch 74, 1st R/Up Jody Benson 75 ocb, 2nd R/Up Lyn Cockerell

Best Gross: Lyn Cockerell 106, NTP’s 4th Jody Benson, 16th Sonia Ferrante

16/8/22 3rd Round Club Championships – Sponsor Woorim Surfside Pharmacy

A Grade Winner: Desley Neilson 72, 1st R/Up Susie Smith 73, 2nd R/Up Abby Driver 74 ocb

Best Gross: Jo Malone 82, NTP’s 4th Gwen Clutterbuck, 7th Linda Urquhart, 14th Vicki Jones,

16th Jo Malone

B Grade Winner: Di Croft 70, 1st R/Up Gaby Bennett 74, 2nd R/Up Judith Umlauft 77 ocb

Best Gross: Gaby Bennett 98, NTP’s 4th Angela Claxton, 7th Bibby Davies, 14th Judith Umlauft, 16th Mary Barbeler

C Grade Winner: Lyn Cockerell 74, 1st R/Up Sonia Ferrante 77, 2nd R/Up Jan Jennings 79

Best Gross: 105, NTP’s 7th Lyn Cockerell, 16th Lyn Cockerell

18/8/22 4th Round Club Championships – Sponsor Woorim Surfside Pharmacy

A Grade Winner: Gwen Clutterbuck 74, 1st R/Up Vicki Jones 76, 2nd R/Up Kate Wilson 77 ocb

Best Gross: Jo Malone 82, NTP’s 4th Val Smith, 7th Kate Wilson, 14th Gwen Clutterbuck,

16th Linda Urquhart

B Grade Winner: Angela Claxton 69, 1st R/Up Lyn Beaven 74, 2nd R/Up Fitzie Jackson 75

Best Gross: Angela Claxton 97

C Grade Winner: Vicki Lawrence 70, 1st R/Up Paula McKenzie 77 ocb, 2nd R/Up Sylvia

Kuhbauch 77 ocb. Best Gross: Vicki Lawrence 107, NTP 7th Ann Mitchell.

23/8/22 Single Stableford – Sponsor ‘The Golf Shop’

A Grade Winner: Carole Watson 36, 1st R/Up Magrit Pearce 35, 2nd R/Up Susie Smith 34 ocb

B Grade Winner: Rita de Bondt 35, 1st R/Up Sylvia White 34 ocb, 2nd R/Up Sheena Bath 34

C Grade Winner: Vicki Butcher 38, 1st R/Up Vicki Lawrence 34 ocb, 2nd R/Up Hazel

McDonnell 33 ocb, NTP’s 4th Hole Lyn Cockerell, 7th Hole Susie Smith, 14th Hole Val Smith, 16th Hole Tricia Brown, 2nd shot Div 3, 7th Hole Sue Navie

25/8/22 4BBB Stableford Charity Day – Sponsor Harcourts Bribie Island (proceeds to Domestic Violence)

Member/Visitor Winners: Nadia Aylott & Lesley Foran 63

Member/Member Winners: Myra Dickson & Charmaine Price 58 ocb

Accuracy Drives – Div 1 Gwen Clutterbuck, Div 2 Maree Bailey, Div 3 Leith McDonald

NTP’s – Div 1 16th Hole Myra Dickson, Div 2 14th Hole Tricia Brown, All In 7th Hole Sue Navie

Pro Pin Gwen Clutterbuck

30/8/22 Single Stableford

Winner: Debra Dunn 36, 1st R/Up Sylvia Kuhbauch 35 ocb, 2nd R/Up Lyn Ball 35 ocb

NTP’s – 4th Hole Myra Thomsen, 7th Hole Lyn Ball, 14th Hole Di Croft, 16th Hole Lyn Ball

Div 3 2nd shot 7th Hole Vicki Butcher

1/9/22 Monthly Medal – Sponsor - Churches of Christ

A Grade Winner: Ann Rogers 74, 1st R/Up Vicki Jones 78, 2nd R/Up Ros Gardiner 79

NTP’s: 7th Hole Ros Gardiner, 14th Hole Ros Gardiner, 16th Hole Abby Driver

Best Gross: Di Benghamy 91

B Grade Winner: Vivienne Learoyd 72, 1st R/Up Stina Barnulf 78, 2nd R/Up Lenore Wilson 79 ocb, NTP’s: 4th Hole Stina Barnulf, 7th Hole Jenny Williams, 14th Hole Vivi Lloyd, 16th Hole Vivienne Learoyd

Best Gross: Vivienne Learoyd 98

C Grade Winner: Paula McKenzie 71, 1st R/Up Sue Navie 73, 2nd R/Up Angela Jordan 78

NTP’s: 7th Hole Paula McKenzie, 14th Hole Joan Osborne, 16th Hole Hazel McDonnell

Best Gross: Paula McKenzie 100

6/9/22 Chapman Foursomes

Overall Winners – Desley Neilson & Jo Malone 74.5, 1st R/Up Jennifer Stafford & Lyn Beaven 77.375, 2nd R/Up Ros Gardiner & Dianne Hayward 77.75

NTP’s – 4th Hole Judy Graham, 7th Hole Jo Malone, 14th Hole Jenny Williams, 16th Hole Jo Malone, 4th Hole 2nd shot Jan Jennings


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