The Cranky Lizard

November 2017.
Where are we going with our democracies and our political leaders ??
Unbridled populists, celebrity identities, personalities whose only qualifications are youth and complete inexperience in politics, e.g. Macron in France, Beiber[Trudeau] in Canada and now Adern in NZ or old, mad communists such as Corbyn in the UK ; nothing seems to matter to those citizens casting votes about as if they are throwing confetti at a wedding.
The only thread of commonality in all of this is a wilful determination to wreck existing Governments and their economic programs for some weird nonsense about re-distribution, war on poverty, homelessness and balanced societies…drone, drone, blah, blah.
No common-sense, just empty echoing phrases from the newly, elected, smiling, earnestly honoured straw horses whose vacuous phrases are parroted by an earnestly honoured and delighted media pack.
All these weasel words simply disguise socialism – for that is what it is, and, it does not bloody work.
It is also quite obvious that what is occurring is that the Westminster system of voting, and its various derivatives, is no longer democratic, in the sense that the end result of many general elections in contemporary democracies, do not reflect the will of the majority of the citizens.
Unpredictable, mischievous, misleading and, at times, malicious spraying of voting preferences result in nonsensical political outcomes ; leaving no one person or party able to create or lead stable governments. In other cases there exist mind boggling quasi, dreamlike, fabrications of political distribution such as the Hare-Clark system of Tasmania or the MMP system in New Zealand which has resulted in people who do not win their seat in the election, occupying seats in the New Zealand Parliament.
All of this political weirdness seems to be carried out in the name of newness !! Time for new thinking !! Time for new people !! Time for a new approach !!
Well, let us have a close look at how this ‘ newness ‘ is working out ?
Macron, the new, fresh young, earnestly honest and unpolluted leader of France has poll ratings so low that no one can find them ; and he has achieved nothing !! Rien !!
Trudeau [ referred to as Beiber] the new, young, earnestly honest and unpolluted leader of Canada has ratings so low that no one can find them ; he cries on stage [ proud of that !! ] and has achieved nothing of substance !! Rien !!
A skewed aspect of this ‘ newness ‘ is also ‘ oldness ‘ ; witness the phenomenon of Bernie Sanders, the burnt out old socialist in the USA who offered so much in terms of coloured flags, slogans, experience and youthful hysteria, in the recent USA Presidential Elections, for the Democrats. But, they did not pick him and he has gone back to the veranda, waiting for another shot at it !.
We have the mad, old communist Corbyn, in the UK. Feted by the youthful mobs and the disaffected, and remember folks, there will always by mobs of ‘ disaffected ‘ at election time, as the next Prime Minister of the UK.
This man will bring nothing, nothing, rien, to the UK leadership…but the mob, seeking ‘ newness ‘ and ‘ redistribution ‘ will flock to him at the polling booths.
When we speak of ‘ re-distribution ‘ we should at least examine what that means ? What is going to be re-distributed ? Wealth, they say. Well, fine, but whose wealth ?? Where will the wealth come from ? The Government, they say. But the Government has no wealth, only the nation has wealth and that wealth is created by primary industries which are, in effect, people, working hard to grow wealth from the land in the form of crops or livestock ; or by people working hard to dig it out of the ground. In simple terms, agriculture or mining. There is really no other way of creating wealth, there are many ways of adding value to matter ; but creating wealth is the sole province of primary industries.
So re-distribution, upon examination, comes up as another ugly, multi headed hydra defying logic and moaning the siren song of community deception.
These modern day Pied Pipers, tootling on their socialist flutes, will lead the seekers of youth and ‘ newness ‘ into policy vacuums from which many of them will never escape.
But they don’t know that, won’t accept advice to the contrary and will, eventually, blame everyone but themselves, for the mess in which they find themselves and which they created.
Cranky Lizard strongly believes that national governments, national institutions, long standing norms of public service and existing wealth distribution systems are the standing assets of our communities and are not the playthings of wilful, youthful mobs seeking to wreck these strengths of our societies simply because of a perceived injustice or a denial of rights they believe they have ; but don’t and never have.
Nor should these assets become the targets and playthings of a fawning, empty headed media, blindly trapped in their 24 hour news cycle and feeding nonsense to the mob !!
Witness the social nonsense of Get Up !, a body openly supported and funded by the Labour Party, claiming they are not a political party, but boast that they shall effect the outcome of the next Federal Election, and they probably will. This body exists on the premise of ‘ newness ‘, ‘ youth ‘, ‘contemporary social issues’ and nothing else. The people who speak for them carry the burning, non-negotiable eyes of the political zealot ; their actions be-lie their stated truth. They are socialists, committed to the return of socialist governments….because !!
The global political theatre, since the end of World War II, is littered, almost polluted, with the wreckage of nations that have embraced socialism and the human suffering that spreads like a damp, grey cloak over the ruined economies.
Human misery and political failures dog the existence of socialism like a pack of shadowy hyenas, gibbering and gabbling in the half- light of lies, blame shifting and corruption.
Cranky Lizard gets a bit emotional here, folks, not a good idea when writing about politics and the way we organize our societies ; but the lessons of history are being forgotten, or conveniently not taught to our young generation, and, it seems a crying shame that they will have to find out for themselves, that socialism is not the light on the hill ; it is a ‘min min ‘ light, bouncing on the horizon, enticing but unreachable, offering promises that can’t be kept and solutions that do not work.
Socialism/Communism is the rule of the mob by a determined few….it has failed time and time again, but its advocates tootle an enticing flute. And sadly, it seems as if many of our young people are listening.
Private enterprise, capitalism within a democratic, responsible system, that reflects the will of the community and not the preferences of the elites, is not perfect ; but it beats the hell out of anything else.