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Beachmere Cleans Up

Beachmere Area Network Group is looking to increase the number of teams to volunteer on Clean Up Australia Day on Sunday, 4 March.

Last year, six teams were organised to cover various areas of Beachmere and the BANG committee were amazed to hear that Beachmere had more teams than any other town in Queensland. They are hoping for at least one more team to register to cover even more of Beachmere.

Christine Dillon, Secretary of BANG is the Beachmere Clean Up Australia Day co-ordinator, “We already have six teams covering the Conservation Park, Bayside Drive, the boat ramp in Saint Smith Rd, Bakers Flat, off leash dog Park in Biggs Avenue as well as the Sports Club fields in Rogers Street.”

“If people want to join in they can register online for one of these sites or start a team at a different area. Or you can just turn up by 8am at one of the sites with a hat, covered shoes, sunscreen and some water.”

Register online or email or text Christine on 0413 73 95 73.

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