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Queensland motorists win as confusing fuel prices come down

New laws mean that from the 31st of January, Queensland motorists won’t pay more than the fuel prices they see.

Energy Minister Dr Anthony Lynham said drivers would no longer be confused by conditionally discounted fuel prices on service station price boards.

“From the 31st of January, fuel retailers must display only the full price of fuel available to all motorists,” he said.

“That means no more displays of confusing discounted prices only available to drivers with discount vouchers or who make minimum in-store purchase.

 “And retailers will have to keep their price boards up-to-date so that they never show a price less than the price at the pump.

 “It’s what you see is what get from now on at your local servo.”

Member for Pumicestone Simone Wilson said “It’s good to see this policy finally come to fruition after the LNP first announced it in 2016 – a policy that Labor were dragged kicking and screaming to support.

“Petrol price transparency is an important step in helping Pumicestone residents get the best price at the pump, but the state government has missed an opportunity to back the LNP’s plan for real time price monitoring.”

“Our ‘Fight for Fairer Fuel’ plan will force retailers to publish their prices in real time, letting motorists shop around for the cheapest price. We know it works because by forcing fuel companies to publish their daily prices, motorists in New South Wales have saved hundreds of dollars a year.

“I encourage all residents who want cheaper fuel to show their support and sign our petition for Fairer Fuel at”

The reforms follow the State Government’s Fuel Price Summit in 2016, which heard that truth in advertised petrol prices had long been an issue for motorists.

Flagged in July 2017, the regulations took effect from 31st of January and carry fines of up to $2523, for individuals and $12,615 for corporations.    

Retailers will still be able to offer and promote discounted fuel schemes. They simply can’t display a discounted price on their price boards that is only available to some motorists under certain conditions.

Palaszczuk Government said “I encourage Queenslanders to use the real-time, fuel monitoring services like MotorMouth and Gas Buddy that are available now.

“The Palaszczuk Government said Government will continue its campaign for the Turnbull Government to give the independent Australian Consumer and Competition Commission the powers it needs to act on the national issue of fuel prices.”    

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