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Where’s Anna!!!!

It’s been nearly 70 days since Anna has been missing. On the 6th of February it was Ranee’s (Anna) Birthday and her children Jen & Greg put posts on facebook wishing her a happy birthday and to stay safe and they will never stop looking for her. It was heartbreaking to read it!

The Jenkins family have now hired an elite security company called Panoptic Solutions who are ex-military and police and highly trained in dealing with these sorts of situations.

In A Current Affair on the 31st of January Panoptic Solutions said that this is a bazar case and very unusual, especially in a public area and place where she went missing. They said, “that the Malaysian police were callas in this situation and failed to collect CCTV cameras from businesses before they were wiped.” They are not sure if the police were incompetent, or have a lack of training or just not interested. They also said, “Professionally it is almost incomprehensible, loosing that sort of data when your dealing with a missing person”.

Panoptic Solutions have looked everywhere and gone over everything 3 times. They have searched all her favourite places, churches and much more in Penang and George Town. They will now extend their search to Malaysia Main land.

Both Jen and Greg take turns in flying to Malaysia to help with the search and continue to keep looking for their mum, and keep Anna in the public eye.

Jen said, “they are hopeful and know in their hearts their mum will return safely.”

Since my last article on Anna, we have discovered she has friends from Beachmere and have been put in touch with the family, and I have had a few calls of people who are going to Penang who will also help try and find her. Thank you so much for your calls.

I still urge people to share this with anyone they may know who maybe heading to Penang, or have any friends or relatives living there. Anna’s Nephew lives on Bribie Island, Scott Jenkins, he is extremely worried about his Aunty and very confused how this could happen. Any kind of help would be very much appreciated from the family.

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