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Beachmere Disaster Management Group Training for all Contingencies

Beachmere Disaster Management Group conducted a training and planning course recently for the operation and management of an Evacuation Centre with John Hannan from Queensland Fire and Emergency Services and local council disaster coordinators presenting the training.

Local Beachmere volunteers have recently completed the online modules, then attended the face to face component. The training is an informative session specifically targeting evacuation centre set up, management and post disaster shut down of the centre.

Moreton Bay Council supports the evacuation of pets as well as people and has contingencies to safely house them in the event of a disaster.

Beachmere State school is currently the evacuation centre for the Beachmere area and has a container on site with equipment that will be needed should the worst case scenario happen. Terry Poole, the Beachmere Disaster Group Co-ordinator has taken a recent audit of this container and identified additional required items. Carl Petterson, the Local Disaster Council Co-ordinator from Moreton Bay Regional Council will liaise with Terry to ensure Beachmere is well equipped.

Check out their Facebook page, Beachmere Disaster Info, and please consider becoming a volunteer.

MJ Donovan

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