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Be prepared for Bushfire Season

Simone Wilson MP, Member for Pumicestone, has asked all residents in the Pumicestone electorate to start preparing for the bushfire season now.

“In Queensland, the 1st August marks the beginning of bushfire season and we all need to be aware of this and plan,” Ms Wilson said.

“There are some basic steps that we should all take including having a bushfire survival plan prepared and ready to activate in the event of an incident”.

“Flammable material, leaf litter and other accelerants like dry grass should be removed and continually monitored around the home during the season”.

“Importantly, if you have an elderly neighbour or family member, do the right thing and check on their home to ensure it is safe and they too have a plan in the event of a bushfire”.

“Being prepared is key and there is no better time to get ready than now”.

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