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Aged care to come under parliamentary spotlight

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has announced a wide-ranging parliamentary review into aged care across the State.

“Care for our aging residents is of major concern and it’s an issue that touches every single Queenslander,” the Premier said.

“Whether it’s our parents, our grandparents, elderly friends or other aging people in our community, the care of our older Queenslanders must be a priority.

“Labor governments reform and that, by its very nature, means that we lead.

“And it’s now time to show courage and leadership to confront an issue that has been avoided for too long.

“Too many families are troubled by its cost and complexity of aged care in Queensland.

“We know it’s not good enough and that it must be fixed and this parliamentary first is the first truly significant step in that process.”

The Premier said the issue deserved the same national attention as she had brought to domestic violence and cyber bullying.

“Therefore I will have it added to COAG, but it can’t end there,” she said.

“Following the vote on termination of pregnancy, my Healthcare Committee will begin examining all issues to do with what’s known as end-of-life care.

“That not only includes aged care, but palliative care and dying with dignity.

“I have watched carefully and closely as other jurisdictions have faced this issue.

“I have listened to those who have watched their loved ones suffer.”

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