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Local community helps our local strawberry farmers last week end and also got a bargain!


If any of you went to Oasis Berries on Bribie Island opposite the Shell Servo this weekend, then you would have seen the incredible community support for our local berry growers.

For just $10 for a huge tray of Strawberries, and you also had the wonderful experience of picking them yourself and filling your tray with your own personally selected strawberry’s.

While I sit here writing this with the most delicious strawberry smoothie, it almost brings tears to my eyes as I realize the damage that this has had on our local strawberry farmers. My Question is, who could possible do this and why? I just hope our authorities and our State Government find whoever is behind this and fast.

It seems that the media have also contributed to the destruction, Oasis Berries were one of the 6 berry farms named in this scandal by the media, yet there was not one needle found in any of Oasis Berry’s at all. It is a shame the media outlets did not do their research. Supermarkets have now stopped buying from them!

George Him, the owner of Oasis Berry’s said “it is absolutely devastating what has happened and if we didn’t open the farm to the community to come and pick their own, we would be throwing out over a 100 Tonne.” He also said “I’m overwhelmed at how many people have come out to buy a tray, approximately 6000 on Saturday and the same for Sunday”

Oasis Berries is at 434 Bribie Island Road, Opposite the Shell Servo and if you are looking for the sweetest, delicious strawberry’s then head on out there and get a tray. It is a wonderful experience to go with the kids, and the children no doubt have a great time in our very own local strawberry fields.

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