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Simone Wilson MP has defended Mark Baily MP, Minister for Transport and Main Roads Media Release thi

Mark Bailey MP, Minister for Transport and Main Roads issued a media statement titled “Federal LNP deserts lonely island roads”.  Simone Wilson MP, State Member for Pumicestone, categorically refutes the assertions made in this statement regarding Federal funding and wishes to set the record straight.

Simone Wilson MP said “There is not a single truth in Mark Bailey’s media statement of 5 October concerning the Federal funding gifted to fast-track improvements on Bribie Island Road”.

“The only person who has deserted Bribie Island Road is the State Transport and Main Roads Minister, Mark Bailey, himself.”

“Mark Bailey’s lies about this funding are straight out of Labor’s signature playbook and he’s always been as trustworthy as a rattle snake left in your bed”.

“The $20 million of Federal funding to fast-track Bribie Island Road upgrade projects has never been contingent on the result of the Longman by-election. Claiming anything other than this is a bare-faced lie.”

“This is entirely a political stunt straight out of Labor’s signature playbook”.

“To deliberately lie to people in the Pumicestone Electorate is disgraceful and Mark Bailey needs to think twice before trying us on for size.”

“Mark Bailey needs to answer why, after four months, he would rather issue a media statement full of lies than do his job and get this funding on the ground in Pumicestone to make the Bribie Island Road a safe journey for all commuters.”

“Labor has deserted the people of Pumicestone, no different to what the same Labor State Government did during their last term in office.”

“This is another prime example of Labor governing by spin and blatant disregard for the truth.”

Media Release from the Honourable Mark Bailey MP.

Minister for Transport and Main Roads The Honourable Mark Bailey says

Federal LNP deserts lonely island roads

A Federal Government cash splash on Bribie Island roads in the lead up to the Longman by-election appears to have dried up.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said four months after dumped Prime Minister Turnbull visited the region and announced $20 million for Bribie’s roads, the Palaszczuk Government was still waiting to hear if the funding was coming.

“In July this year, Mr Turnbull took a sudden interest in Bribie Island’s roads when there were votes up for grabs in Longman,” Mr Bailey said.

“Those votes didn’t come for the Federal LNP and the message from Canberra seems to be if you don’t vote for us then we won’t back you.

“The LNP Member for Pumicestone Simone Wilson has asked what roads we will allocate the $20 million to but perhaps she should ask her Federal LNP colleagues where the money is first.”

Mr Bailey said the Palaszczuk Government was delivering on its commitment to improvements along Caboolture-Bribie Island Road.

“We have allocated over $20 million for series of major upgrades on Caboolture-Bribie Island Road, including a $10.4 million project focusing on the intersection with Old Toorbul Point Road,” Mr Bailey said.

“Works will also start this month to improve safety on Caboolture-Bribie Island Road between Kal Ma Kuta Drive and Bestmann Road.

“The works include new street lights and a pedestrian refuge at the Kal-Ma-Kuta Drive intersection, as well as widening the road and installing a wide centre line treatment.

“We will also create space for U-turns at the Bestmann Road (East) intersection.

“This will allow motorists heading westbound from Kal Ka Muta Drive and Spinnaker Drive the opportunity to make a left turn onto Caboolture-Bribie Island Road initially, and then perform a U-turn at the signals to travel back towards Caboolture.”

Mr Bailey said he was aware the local community had also recently advocated for traffic signals at the Spinnaker Drive intersection.

“Traffic signals will be installed at Spinnaker Drive as part of future developer works,” he said.

“TMR assessed new developments proposed for the Spinnaker Drive catchment and conditioned further works needed to be undertaken to improve safety at the intersection.”

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