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Cranky Lizard Speaks

Our National Values – Trashing our National Heritage – for What??

When Cranky Lizard began this adventure, some twelve months ago, a promise was made that public arrogance, bureaucratic pedantry, political nonsense and other public nuisance which affected the quality of life in our community would be mercilessly exposed. Not defamed, there is never that intention because defamatory actions create anger and that anger distracts from the purpose of the original comments anyway!

So what is the purpose of Cranky Lizard’s comments?

Well…nothing has changed from the first day of this column; the purpose is to expose the nonsense etc., and then let you judge for yourself. There is no particular political bias in the comments, although some may think that way.

But, and it is a big but, unless Cranky Lizard is wrong, the noise and the hysteria is getting worse; Australia, my home, seems like a land possessed with mad-eyed demons. Our city streets flood with open-mouthed, screeching, distorted neck veined humans who are part of a media-driven political elite determined to change almost every community value that was of any substance. This mob are at war with the sexes, with white men, with statues of explorers, with Governments, with history, with America, in fact, they are at war with anything they don’t like, or more likely, anything they are told they don’t like !!

Out in the normal world, there is a perception that our leaders don’t care about this madness infecting our lives; they too, are perceived as being part of the weirdness. Living in padded pods, adrift from the normal stress of living in Australia. They are seen to be a part of a crazy Parliamentary dance for the activists, the media and the ‘ advisers and commentators ‘.

The violins resonate shrilly; the drums pound the ancient rhythms of steps and heartbeats from Neanderthal times, the oboes oboe, the trumpets trump and the piano tinkles and rolls…and Cranky Lizard is repeating some words already spoken.

The swirling becomes a vortex; smiles are grimly held on distorted, vacuous faces which, in some cases, cannot believe their luck. Pudgy, clumsy forms jerk and gyrate to the pounding beats, blonde locks are flung, bobbed helmets of hair spin undisturbed, silvery manes flop and trays of moving alcohol, Dom Perignon of course, are swept clean like a paddock overwhelmed with locust crawlers!

It is all funded by the taxpayer, as it should be, they claim.

And it all happens in the halls of our capital cities.

Outside of the main circus tents; normal life carries on in the small country towns and the sprawling suburbs, the Jackie Howe singlets and the K-Mart trakkies watch the false nonsense and the contrived spectaculars which now comprise the ‘ News ‘, and they know, they know they are being conned!

Most of the jobs they knew and trained for are gone, replaced by wind machines and solar blobs; they live in ‘splitter’ blocks where they can hear each other shout or make love or both! They watch aggressive, fat creatures in burquas, neither male nor female. Just aggressive fat creatures, yell contempt in their Courts and they know that if they did the same, they would be punished.

They do try, very hard to believe in what they believed in when they were young, boys were boys and girls were girls – all that was OK. It had order and common sense. But now they are rubbished by the media, by marketing gurus in shopping malls and by robot phone calls which ask them what they think – as if anyone really cared?


They know, they know as sure as guns are iron, that we are spending more than we earn; we are allowing people to enter our country not to contribute but to take, by fraud, by religious posturing, by any means possible, money from us. Because it is our money, not the Government’s, Government’s don’t have money, they have ours!

In some communities, three out of every five people do not work; some can’t. Some won't – all take our money. And what is not taken, we give away in large lumps. We give it to reefs, to causes which work against us, those who wish to stop primary industries, those who wish to bully bakers into baking cakes they don’t want to bake, those who tell us what to eat and, what Cranky Lizard reckons is one of the tremendous global frauds, anthropogenic climate change.

They used to believe, and some still cling to that belief, that the leaders they voted for will know what is happening and do something to fix it.


They are beginning to believe that their leaders are not listening anymore.

Anger simmers and grows, and, as sure as God made little apples this anger will be expressed at the ballot box. They know that we are trashing our National values, they know that generations of Australian men and women sacrificed their lives so that we could live in this marvellous nation – and they know that we are not doing the right thing by those generations – we are not respecting what they left us!

The central theme song of the media, Governments and the advisors and activists is “ There is no business like show business .”

In the background, Cranky Lizard can hear the music from another song, the ghostly voice of Leonard Cohen humming…” Hallelujah “

Hallelujah indeed?

Cranky Lizard accepts that it is easy to criticise, to poke sticks through pickets fences, to rubbish the efforts of people who do positive work in our communities which is why Cranky Lizard brings to these words a suggestion.

If you don’t like what is happening in our communities, say so – become involved, speak out, you don’t need to join the noisy mobs. You can become interested in your society, charities, social groups, even politics, either side does not matter, there are good people on both sides of politics working for their beliefs, get involved, speak out, make your voice heard.

It is simple to convince yourself that you are not important and that no one cares what you say or think, not right, not right at all, people do care and will listen if you become involved.

Cranky Lizard is suggesting that it is time for many more of us to become participants – not spectators!

Previous generations left us a marvellous, wealthy and generous nation of people with good hearts, willing to listen and provide a ‘ fair go ‘ – what is happening now is that the noisy mob are trying to take this away and replace it with nothing of value except slogans, greed and envy.

Don’t let this happen. Don’t let the noise drown the conventional sense. Make sure, by your commitment, that we maintain our National values for the next generation of young Australians who need our examples of how to do this.

They will not thank us tomorrow, but they probably will in a few years time.

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