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Better Beauty and Elegance

Introducing Ingrid from Better Beauty and Elegance. Ingrid migrated with her husband and 2 children from Germany in the 80th. Together they started and build the well-known business in the area, Boomerang Pools. Ingrid trained and learned already in the 1990th everything about skincare and colour cosmetics as a balance to the very male dominated swimmingpool building business. By that time she had 4 sons, a husband, male employees and customers to deal with. She just needed some female balance. Skincare and cosmetics were the obvious choice. And with a background from Germany as trained Doctors Assistance, she has extensive knowledge about the function and structure of the body's largest organ, the skin. And now that the children are grown up and the younger generation is taking care of the pool business to a large degree, she has time to go back to her passion of pampering and treating others. Offering a mobile service of specialized skin analyses and treatment facials. Need help with sorting out all your accumulated Lotions and potions? Ingrid can help. Confused on what is best for you? Ingrid can help. Personalized service to your needs and budget. Ingrid can be contacted on 0414 286 453 or ingrid

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