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Foxies Take Over Beachmere

Beachmere Small Dog Park recently hosted a Puppy Playdate for Miniature Foxies.

Lisa Curran of LAC Foxies “supervised” 34 beautiful mini foxies, all off leash and having a wonderful time together. Beachmere has enjoyed five of these afternoons so far, with more events planned and new friends attending every time.

These play dates allow for valuable socialization for the dogs and networking between their animal loving owners. The playdates have received lots of positive feedback, with shy dogs coming out of their shells and gaining confidence and social skills.

Lisa is very passionate about this breed of dog and is a registered breeder with the Mini Foxie Club of Australia (MFCA). The MFCA has very high standards, ensuring that all dogs are a high quality, well-bred, healthy and with lovely temperaments.

Lisa will continue to host these events to spread awareness of the breed and the MCFA club; as well as encouraging like-minded people to come together and enjoy the afternoon in beautiful Beachmere.

If you’d like to find out more information about the next event, please connect with us on the L.A.C FOXIES kennel page on Facebook.

The Group of Mini Foxies at Beachmere Dog Park

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