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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor

With reference to the anonymous Letter to the Editor (Issue 30) concerning the recent official launch of Hairdressers With Hearts.

It was disappointing to read the comments in regards to my attendance at the launch. Whilst it was regrettable that this event coincided with another long standing commitment I had in the community, I had always hoped that time would prevail so I could arrive at some point, albeit it a little late, to show my support. And I was very pleased to join the launch immediately after my other community engagement finished. 

I am a great supporter of local initiatives, particularly those seeking to make our community a better and more safe place to live.  This is why I was very pleased to raise funds for Hairdressers with Hearts this past year and proud to speak in Parliament during my Maiden Speech about Sonia and her instrumental role in founding Hairdressers with Hearts, giving a helping hand to victims of domestic violence and elder abuse.

I am grateful that most locals understand that I will always do my level best to attend as many events on weekends as possible, even if this means arriving a little late on the odd occasion.

I take this opportunity to wish Hairdressers With Hearts the very best with their endeavours which, knowing Sonia, will amount to great things for our community.


State Member for Pumicestone

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