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Minister for Natural Resources, Mines and Energy The Honourable Dr Anthony Lynham Said…..

Time for servos to sign-up for fuel price scheme

Queensland’s 1400 fuel retailers could sign up from 1st of November to the Palaszczuk Government’s two-year fuel reporting trial that starts next month.

Energy Minister Dr Anthony Lynham told Parliament today that retailers should sign-up online by mid-November to supply their up-to-date prices, so they were ready for the trial.

“All Queensland fuel retailers have been sent an online link and for most retailers it will only take around five to 10 minutes to sign up,” he said.

“This takes us one step closer to Queensland motorists being able to find the cheapest servo in town on their smartphone.”

Under the trial, all fuel retailers will have to supply their up-to-date prices via an online portal. These will be made available free to existing and new fuel price apps and websites such as Motormouth, GasBuddy and the RACQ.

The trial complements what you see is what you pay laws that came into effect 31 January this year, which require retailers to display full prices, rather than conditionally discounted offers, on their fuel boards.

Retailers will have to advise of price changes within half-an-hour of them changing at the bowser.

Dr Lynham said the sign-up phase was a critical part of delivering all up-to-date fuel prices for motorists by December.

Queensland-owned software engineer Informed Sources was appointed last month to develop the fit-for-purpose system to collect and distribute the prices.

Dr Lynham said this trial will be backed by fines to ensure fuel retailers participate in the interests of motorists.

“Fuel retailers will have three months grace to get their processes right, and by Easter next year, will face fines if they do not meet their obligations to update their fuel prices accurately and on time,” Dr Lynham said.

“So there should be no excuses from fuel retailers not to participate in the trial.

“With Christmas just around the corner the Queensland Government wants to do everything it can to enable motivated Queensland motorists to find the cheapest servo on their travels.

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