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Welcome to December 2018 numerology beautiful souls and the 5 energy. The last month of this 11 universal year will see the benefit of all the experiences and lessons of this entire year. So, looking back for just a moment, what a powerful year of wake ups and break ups this universal 11 year has been. The insights and epiphanies that many of us have had, I’m sure have been equally matched by saying goodbye to situations and people that no longer serve a purpose in our lives. The exciting result of all we have learnt throughout this year brings personal freedom. An adventurous and fun month lies ahead, if you have been doing all your universal homework.

The 5 energy dislikes routine and boredom, so be prepared to be challenged and pushed to take risks. This is not the time to be controlled or measured, you can trust the situations that come to you this month as the 5 energy is loyal and will not let you down. If there is any doubt tap into your intuition, that first thought that comes to mind will usually give you the answer.

Be wise about where you invest your time and energy this month. Time spent with people that inspire you to be the best version of yourself is where it is all at. Those people that make you literally sparkle, your tribe, they are there to feed your soul.

Expect a few hangovers, as overindulging in anything including alcohol, along with excess is the downfall of the 5. December is usually the party month with the wind up of the work and school year, and this December will be supercharged. Hydration, exercise, sleeping and eating well in between parties will certainly be your friend.

Tie up the loose ends of the year by deciding what to take with you into the new year and shed anything that has been dragging you down. Clearing out is not only for your cupboards. Create the space for new and exciting situations. Optimism, growth and abundance are yours.

Have a fabulously fun December,


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