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Moreton Bay Regional Council recently voted to award Beachmere Area Network Group Inc (BANG) the Management Agreement for the community facility previously known as Beachmere Bowls Club or the Beachmere RSL Sub Branch.

Expressions of Interest were called and from those submitting an Expression of Interest in the facility, BANG was awarded the right to negotiate an Agreement based on having the best management option for the facility.

Moreton Bay Regional Council minutes state “With consideration to BANG’s strong connection to the local community, programming intent for the facility and demonstrated capacity to meet the relevant hall management requirements, it is recommended that the Council approve the BANG EOI Submission.”

The Council considered the following factors as favourable to BANG’S application “Established in 2015, BANG has over 80 active members and delivers a variety of community-based services in the Beachmere area, such as: the Beachmere Assist service; community and cultural events; fundraising initiatives; Beachmere University of the Third Age; community information services; and coordination of a local community disaster management team.”

President of BANG, Karen Harris, said the BANG committee were ready to step in to revive and re-invigorate this important community asset. Vacant since April 2018, the facility was a focal point in the community and an extremely important part of the Beachmere community.

“It is a symbol, and a requirement, of community connectedness, of a social venue which can bring together the young and the old in the one location for a myriad of reasons and uses. It is, essentially, the heart of Beachmere.”

“The Beachmere Community Lawns Bowls Club will continue from this location and we will support them in their continued growth, by encouraging more people to use the facility.”

“BANG will also base it’s many community activities from this one location including Beachmere Assist, the Beachmere Community Disaster Management Team and FAB - Fabulous Art Beachmere as well as our quarterly Forums for elected officials. It is also a great space for some exciting new projects like a Visitor Information Centre.”

“It also offers Beachmere a dedicated venue for celebrations and functions – a very important part of the fabric of a strong community,” Karen said.

“We will consult widely with the local community and try to get the balance right between providing activities and events for Beachmere and bringing new business and projects to support existing businesses and activities.

No Opening date is available at this time with BANG meeting with Council to discuss renovation and facility upgrades, “We are meeting with the Council and are determined to ensure the very best outcome for the facility, for Beachmere and it’s residents,” Karen said.

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