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Bushfire Season Is Upon Us – Start Planning Now

Queensland is in the grip of a most devastating bushfire season and State Member for Pumicestone, Simone Wilson wants everyone in her electorate to be ready now.

“Our hearts go out to the communities and their people that are currently affected by fire storms wreaking mass havoc in parts of Queensland” Ms Wilson said

“Whilst we watch these events unfold, it’s important that we don’t become complacent by thinking fire threats are a risk for those who live in the bush. At any time fires can start and spread throughout suburban areas and we must all be prepared”

“I strongly encourage all people within the Pumicestone Electorate to become familiar with official bushfire warnings and ensure families, friends and neighbours have a plan for action that may save lives”, Ms Wilson said.

Ms Wilson urges people to find information about getting ready for bushfire season by visiting

There are also many ways for people to keep updated on fires and warnings across the State:

  • Maps of where bushfires are presenting can be found at

  • Listen to the official bushfire warning broadcaster 612 ABC radio

  • Keep an eye on the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services for warnings on Facebook @QldFireandRescueService.

“Being prepared is each of our responsibilities, we must take notice of what is happening around us, seek information and be ready to make decisions and act.

“Right now we should be preparing our homes by getting rid of leaf litter, flammable material and other accelerants like dry grass and continually monitor this around your home during the season.”

“Prepare an evacuation plan, check your neighbours have a plan too, ensure you have a plan for your pets and most importantly know the fire risks in our region by keeping regularly up to date” Ms Wilson said.

And remember, report all fires immediately by calling 000.

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