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Beachmere Ladies Ready for 2019

Ladies, Let's Do Lunch has been bringing Beachmere ladies together for nearly three years and will continue all the fun and festivity in 2019.

Organiser, Christine Dillon, said on the first Friday each month Beachmere ladies are invited to lunch at the Beachmere Hotel from noon.

"It's a casual hour, or two, where local ladies can get together, have some lunch and meet other ladies. It's a great way for new ladies to Beachmere to find their feet in the community."

"At these lunches the ladies catch up on the latest happenings and find out about any upcoming events and activities around Beachmere, " Christine said.

"It's another great way to keep your finger on the pulse of everything happening in Beachmere."

Ladies can RSVP by texting Christine on 0413 739 573 or by email on

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