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Countdown to NASA – A Human Adventure at Queensland Museum

Countdown to NASA – A Human Adventure at Queensland Museum

The countdown has begun to the opening of Queensland Museum’s largest ever exhibition, NASA – A Human Adventure.

Minister for the Arts and Minister for Science Leeanne Enoch viewed the exhibition items recently installed in the Level 2 exhibition space ahead of the official opening to the public next month.

“NASA – A Human Adventure, is the first exhibition to be hosted in Queensland Museum’s newly refurbished exhibition space, which was funded with $3.25 million from the Palaszczuk Government,” Minister Enoch said.

“This is the most comprehensive and extensive touring space flight exhibition in the world.

“It is fitting that Queensland will be the only Australian host of NASA – A Human Adventure during the 2019 yearlong celebration of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.”

Tourism Industry Development Minister Kate Jones said the exclusive event will drive visitors to Queensland.

“This major exhibition will bring a bit of the magic of space exploration to Queensland,” Minister Jones said.

“I am over the moon about the NASA exhibition coming to the Queensland Museum – there are parts of this exhibition that have literally been over the moon.”

“Tourism and Events Queensland partnered with Queensland Museum to bring the exhibition here as it is a terrific opportunity to support our tourism sector.”

Queensland Museum Network CEO Dr Jim Thompson said NASA – A Human Adventure, will feature more than 250 items including original and space flown objects, and scaled models and replicas.

“NASA – A Human Adventure tells the story of space travel and the history of rocket science and space flight through an exciting array of objects including some awe-inspiring full-sized and scaled replicas,” Dr Thompson said.

“Spread across two levels, this will be Queensland Museum’s largest exhibition and will open just before World Science Festival Brisbane 2019.”

The exhibition tells the story of space travel from the artists and writers who dared to dream of what the future could hold to the early pioneers of space travel and engineering marvels that have changed the world and our exploration of space.

Highlights of the exhibition include several space-flown items, a remarkable collection of space suits, and several full scale replicas including the front section of NASA’s iconic Space Shuttle, Lunar Rover, Mercury, Gemini and Apollo space crafts and Soviet robotic lunar rover Lunokhod.

Showcasing the remarkable achievements of space travel, NASA – A Human Adventure will run at Queensland Museum from 15 March – 9 October 2019.

For tickets and further information:

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