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The Abbey Museum of Art & Archaeology

Located on our doorstep, just off Bribie Island Road, is the Abbey Museum is a treasure house of world history that engages both the young and old.

When you visit the museum you journey through the centuries from the world of prehistoric hunters and the first farmers to the bronze smiths and the rise of the Roman Empire.

There are many amazing artefacts on display from the Medieval Saxon and Norman invaders to the golden age of Europe's Renaissance.

Upcoming Events

April 8th – 12th Kids Dig It, Roman Family Fun Program. Families can enjoy archery, Roman drill training, making an edible Roman road… a tasty treat after all that hard work! Arts and crafts including making a mosaic masterpiece, painting a Roman shield, creating a rag doll, or designing a chariot. These are just some of the many activities on offer… oh and there are Roman games to play and dress ups for a great photo opportunity.

On Saturday 27th April at 2.00 pm the Abbey Museum Friends are hosting Dr Carmel Bendon who will present a talk on Hildegard of Bingen, a remarkable Abbess who lived in Germany in the 12th century. She was a woman ahead of her time and is described as a polymath, visionary, leader, traveller, orator, composer, theologian and natural scientist. A talented poet Hildegard wrote over 70 lyrical poems which she set to music. Her music is still being sung and played around the world.

Saturday 4th May Book Sale and Open Day at the Abbey Museum from 8.00 am to 2.00 pm. Incudes FREE entry to the Museum from 10.00 am – 4.00 pm, giving you plenty of time to browse our book sale before the Museum opens. All proceeds go towards upgrading the Museum lighting system to support our sustainability into the future.

If you have not visited the Museum recently, this is an ideal time to take the opportunity as we have wonderful new artefacts on display, including a remarkable 16th century limestone sculpture of the Lamentations of Christ and three effigy figure vases from Peru depicting a bird, monkey and a very cute coati. The vases date from the 4th to the 9th centuries AD.

For more information and to book any the events and activities at the Abbey Museum please visit our website at or telephone 07 5495 1652.

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