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Action on Australian 4WD Hire Welcomed

State Member for Clayfield Tim Nicholls has welcomed news today that the ACCC has started court action against Smart Corporation Pty Ltd trading as Australian 4WD Hire.

“Today’s news is a welcome development and has come about as a result of the persistence and hard work of a group of victims who have in my view been ripped off by the actions of this company over a long period,” he said.

“Last June, I revealed the practices of Australian 4WD Hire in Parliament and described them as “unscrupulous, unfair, fraudulent and quite possibly illegal activities that affect many Australians as well as foreign tourists”.

“It seems the ACCC agrees with me.

“Now the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has taken action on these claims and is seeking, amongst other things, banning orders against Fleet Manager and former bankrupt Vitali Roesch and company director Maryna Kosukhina.

“There are many former customers who will be very glad to see this action commence.

Mr Nicholls said this case is important to Australia’s reputation with international tourists.

“We want our reputation as a safe, fun, friendly and honest tourist destination to be maintained and quite frankly Australian 4WD Hire and their activities have left a sour taste with many international tourists visiting Australia,” Mr Nicholls said.

“Now it will be up to the courts to make the necessary findings but in the meantime I repeat the warning I gave in Parliament to steer clear of Australian 4WD Hire and Vitali Roesch.”

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