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Beachmere Community Bank Branches Out!

A Community Bank can offer great benefits to any community through the distribution of funds from their profits to projects and activities in the local area.

As recently demonstrated by the Beachmere Rugby League Club receiving sponsorship for their jerseys, a Community Bank is a great source of funding which can be difficult, time consuming and costly to access from other areas.

Beachmere has been working towards establishing a Community Bank for some months now, and while a quarter of the funds have been pledged, a renewed effort is required to complete the pledge raising process and move into the feasibility stage.

“To reach our goal of opening a Community Bank Branch we need twelve to fifteen active Steering Committee members. We are now in the position of requiring additional members who are well connected in their community and committed to improving the Bribie and surrounds,” Secretary Glenda Sinclair-Gordon said.

At a recent meeting of the current Steering Committee the decision was made to look further afield for committee members, and involve new members from a broader cross section of the wider community. This will ensure the information about the benefits of a Community Bank will reach a wider audience.

With renewed commitment, and speaking engagements booked across the area over coming months, the Steering Committee agreed to continue to pursue their goals and widen the territory that the proposed Bank will support.

New plans are being developed, including a name encapsulating the broader region, and the Committee are calling on people from across the North Moreton region to get involved and keep the idea of a Community Bank alive for the area, ensuring greater benefits can be delivered.

If you are community minded, have skills which are suited to networking and gathering support for projects and want to give back to your community, then a position on the Steering Committee may be for you. For more information on how you can get involved and help bring a Community Bank, and all the benefits, to your area call 0456 818 017 or email

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