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Community uproar over bird deterrents on Bribie Bridge

State Member for Pumicestone, Simone Wilson said she is wanting answers on why the Department of Transport and Main Roads installed metal bird deterrents on the Bribie Island Bridge this week, leaving the pelicans without a place to roost.

“The pelicans are gone now, and this is a crying shame for our community who loved seeing them atop of the lights, welcoming all to the Island,

“Mrs Wilson said. Mrs Wilson has called the Minister for Transport and Main Road, Mark Bailey’s office today seeking an explanation as to why the deterrents were installed without community consultation and under the cover of darkness.

“These bird deterrents were installed by stealth earlier this week and no one saw it coming”, Mrs Wilson said.

“It has taken our community by total surprise and we want our pelicans returned

“These are our mascots and they are a real attraction for visitors coming onto the bridge

“My community is outraged by what has occurred here and so am I”, Mrs Wilson said.

“I have been trying to get answers from Transport and Main Roads since this came to my attention earlier this week, however I am yet to receive a reply

“I have taken this issue to the Minister’s office to intervene as I want this situation rectified and the pelicans to return to their safe roost

“Bribie Island is a flora and fauna sanctuary and our pelicans were much loved and protected by our community”, Mrs Wilson said.

Since being the Member for Pumicestone, Mrs Wilson said she has received only one complaint in late 2018 regarding pelican droppings on a vehicle travelling along the bridge.

“As part of my duty of care I reported this to TMR at that time and their response was that nothing would be done to deter the pelicans which I agreed with

“So, what has changed since then? Why were deterrents installed by stealth and what is TMR prepared to do to return the pelicans to their roost without risk to motorists and pedestrians on the bridge?

“Instead of placing metal rods to keep the pelicans away,

TMR could have extended a place for the Pelicans to roost over the water away from vehicles and pedestrians”, Mrs Wilson said. TMR and the Minister for Transport and Main Road’s office is yet to respond to Mrs Wilson.

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