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May Numerology 2019

Welcome to May beautiful souls, and the vibration of the 8. This month see’s us all step through the quiet and spiritual doorway of Aprils 7 vibration, straight into the exciting and high paced manifestation of the 8. 8 is essentially the vibration of balance and harmony, however, with the addition of the universal year 3’s vibrational promise of “good luck”, this month is super charged and set to be the great karmic equaliser. The month of May will certainly see that you reap what you have sown. This vibration easily creates as it destroys.

With the 8’s drive and ambition you can expect career and business to be fast paced, bringing immediate results. Now is the time to demonstrate your skills and ability to those in authority, they will not go unnoticed. Success’s will be many this month and will bring financial and emotional rewards in the months to follow. Success brings with it opportunity and will give the gift of future choice. Work hard towards what you want.

An important thing to know about this month’s energy is about its focused strength. Focus your energy on one task at one time, the 8 can multitask however it is when the energy is focused that is it reaches its greatest potential.

The possibility for conflict is high this month. Ensure that you consider your words carefully if challenged, and keep your temper in check. Negotiation is a great skill. Clearing the air or addressing the elephant in the room can bring positive results.

Be grounded and work from your centre this month. Do what is necessary to feel physically strong and don’t forget about feeding your emotional strength. This looks a little different for all of us, all you need to know is with the balance of physical and emotional brings synchronicity to your entire world.

May’s potential is magical and the echo of its vibration will sound through the coming months into the end of the year.

Have a magical and creative month,


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