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July 2019 Numerology

Welcome to July and the 10 vibration beautiful souls. 10 brings the powerful, practical, capable yet creative 1 to the infinite possibly of the 0. Just wow! This is such a super charged vibration, grab its possibility with both hands. July as a whole period of time holds enormous potential, with the only limitations being your own thinking. Imagination and creativity are at the height of this energy and this whole month.

The 10 vibration marks the completion of a cycle. If things have been slow or even stagnant up to now there will be shifts and they will be swift. July also brings unexpected luck and good fortune. The creative energy of the 10 will see this happen in the most unfathomable ways. You can trust this time to deliver what is meant for you and to remove what no longer serves a purpose in your life.

Avoid the biggest trap of the 10 vibration that is being emotionally unavailable. Make special effort not to exclude others or take on the belief that your way is the only way. A lack of consideration for others thoughts will only bring grief and may amplify out of reasonable proportions.

July 16th will bring a powerful lunar eclipse, with high emotion and compulsive behaviour likely to surround this time. It will however let you take a balanced and close look at your important and personal relationships. Avoid being compulsive during this phase and remain calm and grounded. The dwarf planet Eris comes into play during the eclipse and rates a special mention. Eris is named after the Greek Goddess of trouble and discord. She is known as a powerful female force who challenges authority and the misuse of power or the exploitation of women. Change will no doubt be evoked due to her presence, and the probability of change for women and women’s issues and rights is certain on the world stage.

Override the discord of the eclipse energy by showing the people you love that you care by doing thoughtful and practical things. Every caring action will strengthen and deepen those personal connections. It’s what the journey of life is ultimately about.

Have an amazing July,


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