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Yet another Bank will close its doors in the local area despite being “well supported”.

Beachmere will lose its Bendigo Bank agency at the end of September. Open for around twelve months the Agency was to be the forerunner of a local Beachmere Community Bank branch.

However, when the Steering Committee recently advised that it was no longer continuing with it’s attempt to open a Community Bank Branch, the Margate Community Bank Branch which was “auspicing” the Agency, was very quick to advise that the Agency was to close.

A letter send to each of the Beachmere account holders said the Bank “had been well supported by the people of Beachmere and we regret any inconvenience the closure of this service may cause”.

Unfortunately for the Beachmere locals the nearest Bendigo Bank branch is in Brendale, Margate or Woodford.

Beachmere Community Bank Steering Committee member, Karen Harris, said it was very frustrating that the Margate Community Bank had made such a decision to close the Agency.

“The Steering Committee worked very hard to bring a Bank to Beachmere and to encourage locals, community groups and businesses to support the Agency in the meantime.”

“The decision to close the Agency has come as a shock as the Beachmere IGA supported the Agency and I understand that it was receiving ever increasing support from the local community,” she said.

“To say the local community is disappointed is an understatement, especially at the moment with a nationwide campaign touting Bendigo Bank as the bank ‘that will look after you’ and ‘has your best interests at heart’ – unfortunately just NOT in Beachmere.”

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