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Beefy’s wins best in Queensland!

Queensland bakery Beefy’s has once again come out in front in the Official Great Aussie Pie

Competition. This year the Sunshine Coast bakery has baked the Best Brekkie Pie and the Best

Gluten Free Pie in Queensland.

In fact, Beefy’s has landed a big bag of gold medals in the hotly contested pie industry competition,

winning Gold for their Signature Steak Pie in the Plain Meat Pie category, Gold for their Aussie

Special Ned Kelly Pie in the Brekkie category and Gold for their Gluten Free Steak, Bacon and Cheese

in the Gluten Free category.

It just proves, no matter what time of day you reach for a Beefy’s, you’ll be putting your hands on an

award winner.

The Official Great Aussie Pie Competition is an annual event of the Australian Pie Council that

celebrates the industry’s best pie makers and their passion for achieving excellence, always.

The judges look for all the same things Aussie pie lovers enjoy – the perfect pastry, the right

thickness, evenness and texture, and an even bake, and a filling that ticks all the boxes when it

comes to quality, stability, taste and aroma.

Each year the judging panel consists of TAFE trainers, chefs, bakers and bakery reps who are all

experts in their field.

“It’s an absolute honour to go up against the best of the best in Australia and to come out as gold

medal winners and number one in Queensland,” says Beefy’s Managing Director Mark Hobbs.

“Our passion and pride in making great pies hasn’t wavered since we established our business in


Beefy’s has always proudly hand-selected the freshest and best ingredients to suit their recipes and

customer’s tastes and nurtured their talented bakers to consistently produce their absolute best.

“We love the official awards, of course, but the reason we strive to deliver the very best is to thank

our customers for choosing us,” says Mark. “There’s no greater reward for our team than to have a

customer visit one of our nine Beefy’s stores or order Beefy’s for home delivery, and then to have

them come back for more because they enjoyed the experience so much.”

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