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3 x 90 = 270 CHRISTMASES

These three remarkable guys are regular early morning Golfers, playing with a group known as “Dads Army” who tee off while most of you are still asleep in bed.

Every Monday and Friday morning, right through the year, a hardy group of more than 30 “Senior” golfers gather at Woorim Golf Course in the dawn light to tee off.

Dads Army enthusiasts have been doing this for well over 25 years and are still going strong.

“It is so calm and peaceful at that time in the morning, birds are all so active, wildlife is still around, and it is a great way to start the day with good mates, even if we don’t always play so well..”

The three guys in this photo have all celebrated their 90th Birthday this year, so they can look back on 270 past Christmases between them.

Like so many of the Dads Army players, they all have lived very interesting lives.

From left to right they are ….

BILL MONAGHAN was a distinguished Air Force Pilot with a long service record, flying almost every type of aircraft in the Australian fleet. He was stationed in Malaysia and was a fighter pilot during the Korean War where he was forced to crash his aircraft on a beach.

JOHN RYMAN had a very successful business in Sydney cutting vast quantities of different fabrics and materials for clothing designers and manufacturers. Over the years he cut literally millions of shirts, trousers and tops for well-known fashion houses such as “Country Club”, who then had them sewn up into finished garments.

FRANK COTTIER ran a major Industrial Engineering supply business based in Canberra. He serviced the needs of various Industries with a wide range of Engineering materials and equipment, primarily to the Mining and Earth moving Industries.

Dads Army players all wear distinctive Yellow shirts and are an impressive site as they head off marching up the first fairway.

Left….Right…..Left …..Right ……seems to be the general direction of the balls, as they frequently  head off in different directions to alternate sides of the fairway……… certainly not marching in step !!

However, far more important than still being the good golfers they once were, they are still getting out of bed to enjoy this stimulating early morning exercise with their mates …….all at 90 years of age.

Well done boys.

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