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Let’s get planting and organising!

Well its been a mad month indeed with the nasty COVID- 19 virus- infiltrating our community and affecting our economy. A lot of businesses are already feeling the pinch from the resulting slowdown in regard to new customer leads or following on with purchase orders for their products. I would like to advise that if you are wanting your gardens renovated, properties detailed in preparation for sale, lawns mowed, or any general garden maintenance needed, then call us at Profound Horticultural- see our add below: We are still currently working away in the field, especially building veggie gardens and planting fruit trees for our customers. We wear gloves at all times including going from back yard to front through any gates and all payments can be invoiced electronically online, at least until there is a total shut down of course; so your gardens can still get the attention they need and all works are performed why you are safely inside, you can talk to us on the phone and wave through your window if you wish, and quotes and invoices can be done in a non-contact situation and can be negotiated by phone or email- thanks to modern technology. Now, I went to buy some vegetable seeds online (as the local suppliers had been rushed on- in a panic) only to find the leading online supplier had been inundated and was forced to close shop until next spring. Wow talk about an eye opener, if one thing is for certain, a lot of people will be awake to this possibility in the future and prepare like our grandparents did after the great depression. Having routinely saved our own seeds, bottled our produce, freeze our excesses and have a contingency plan for loss of income would be the difference between feast or famine. But if we are forced to stay at home, and you have the physical ability to work outside in your garden, then at least the weather is a little cooler now, so it’s a great opportunity to refurbish those tired old gardens, mulching them or controlling weeds, adding fertilisers, treating lawn pests or grow your own home grown vegetables- if you want. It is also a great time to prepare any new garden beds for the future when seeds or seedlings become available again, so you will eventually be able to grow some veggies for the next season and enriching your soil now with compost or composted manures and covering with a feeder mulch (feeder mulch is referred to as a light airy mulch, such as sugar cane or lucerne which breaks down relatively quickly and adds micro nutrients to the soil as it breaks down).

As I write this article at the end of March, the sun is shining after a couple of days of scattered showers, the lawns are hydrated and green and there is lots to do around the garden. But what we can’t do, is control what’s going on around us, especially with this Corona virus pandemic, but we can control how we react or respond to our fellow human, neighbour and our relationships with family. The pressure is on- when our way of life is threatened and faced with the stress of uncertain times ahead, wages or business income being eroded away or perhaps being affected directly with the an illness in the family, but we will bounce back eventually and we are all in this together, so maybe a walk around your own garden- if you have one, or tending to your potted plants may be somewhat therapeutic in these difficult times- we are currently experiencing. It really brings back home the old adage, waste less, conserve more and save for that rainy day. Take care all and hope you all stay healthy. Until next issue: Your local, Happy Horticulturist!

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