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2022. Time to get excited!

By staff writer Matt Owen

Well, here it is folks! Time stops for no-one. The year is now 2022.

2022 certainly doesn’t look like what I thought it would when I was a kid (think ‘The Jetsons’) and never in my wildest dreams, did I see a pandemic (or is it now an endemic?) now two years in. If we can put aside the potential negatives related to COVID, the region has much to look forward to in 2022.

One likely change is the renaming and rebranding of our region from Moreton Bay to Moreton Bay City. Apparently, this is to maximise exposure from the 2032 Olympic Games and to get on a level pegging with other super-regions such as Logan City, Brisbane City, Gold Coast City and Ipswich City. According to Council there will be many benefits to come with this So this is one to watch.

We will see the Dolphins (expect that name to become the Moreton Bay City Dolphins if common sense prevails) head to pre-season training in November led by super-coach, Wayne Bennett. Who would have thought we would have an NRL team based out of Redcliffe. The long-term success of the Redcliffe Dolphins on the field, with the outstanding financial status of the leagues club, forced the hand of the NRL to provide them with the 17th NRL license. Exciting times ahead for rugby league lovers. In addition to the NRL team, Moreton Bay can also look forward to the $22m ‘Queensland Centre of Excellence’ due for completion prior to the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup. These initiatives provide a pathway for the youth of Moreton Bay to reach a professional level in their chosen sport.

We can expect a start to construction of the Bribie Island and Caboolture Satellite Hospitals. While what these facilities include have been a reason for speculation, at a minimum they will provide relief for local residents that are currently travelling to receive certain treatments. Coupled with the recent upgrades and newly renovated Caboolture Hospital, and with after-hours medical services on the up, our community should be able to look forward to improved health care.

Bribie Island is one year closer to a new bridge (expect to hear more on this as we approach the 2024 State Election). 2021 has seen the completion of some significant roadworks along Bribie Island Road with further funding allocated for a variety of other road projects across the region.

Council expenditure for our local area includes significant infrastructure investments around walking trails and recreation areas, with $850,000 being set aside for the beautification of Brennan Park. Brennan Park is one of the most popular destinations on Bribie, offering the jetty, great swimming, fishing, picnic areas, playground, a stage, local markets, the seaside museum, with a variety of local businesses opposite. These works will only enhance this local destination once completed. This could well lead to other similar works in the future at Banksia Beach, Bellara and Woorim.

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