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A bit of fun or tempting fate?

By staff writer Sheree Hoddinett

At what point do we go past having fun and dive towards the depths of stupidity? Well, I got to witness it firsthand one beautiful sunny Saturday a couple of weeks ago while with family and friends near the Bongaree Jetty. Now, I’m all for having a good time with mates and certainly understand those who enjoy thrill seeking adventures. But what I saw that day just left me shaking my head. I’m not talking about the usual jumping off the side of the jetty and pontoon or even running the length of the jetty and diving in at the end, that’s all a normal sight to see and most people have probably given it a go.

No, on this occasion the daredevils decided to take things up a notch. In almost Spiderman fashion, they scaled the sides of the jetty and headed up to the very top of the roof structure. We’re talking on a really hot day too, so I’m thinking they would have felt the burn from the metal of the roof. But they weren’t up there just to sit around and chat!

I was young once too (not that I’m super old now) so I know there’s an element of temptation that lingers in the back of the mind to take things to the next level. But watching on as several young (and some not so young) men prepared to jump off the roof into the water, I couldn’t help but ‘think someone will get hurt’. Broken bones possibly being the least of their problems.

While initially you think that's their problem, it also extends to the moral side of you as an innocent bystander watching on. Why? Because in most situations, we feel obligated to help in the event of an unfortunate accident. But ultimately, why should we? If you want to be stupid and risk your life the onus should be fully on you. However, in situations like this one, not only does it become an issue for those making the leap from a greater height, but also for the multitude of swimmers in the water below, most of them young families. While there’s the element of danger, you’re not exactly setting a good example for the young kids watching on. You may not care now but if you make it to an age where you have children of your own, you may just change your perspective on things.

I’m not the fun police and I believe everyone deserves to enjoy themselves. But there comes a time when you seriously need to rethink your actions, not just for you but for everyone around you. One day your moment of “fun” could end up changing the whole direction of your life.

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