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B-Cycle boosting battery recycling

Australia’s first accredited battery recycling scheme is now underway.

Developed by the Battery Stewardship Council, B-Cycle is about creating a

responsible battery life cycle and has the backing of the Federal government

with any investment of $1 million.

B-Cycle is an accredited product stewardship scheme. This mean that both

consumers and industry can be assured that it meets strict environmental and

human health standards.

Batteries contain valuable components like zinc, lithium, cobalt, graphite, and

manganese which can be recycled and remade into valuable new products like

paint, car tyres, metal tools, computer parts, new batteries, and more.

B-Cycle accepts household batteries including button batteries, AAs and AAAs,

power tool batteries, camera batteries, and e-bike batteries. Participating drop

off points include Woolworths, Aldi, Bunnings, Office Works, Total Tools,

TradeTools Caboolture and soon Coles.

Find your nearest collection point by visiting


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