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BANG Forum Draws Big Audience

A large number of Beachmere residents attended the latest Beachmere Area Network Group (BANG) Forum at which Ali King, State Member for Pumicestone, was the guest speaker.

Ms King acknowledged the difficulties faced during Covid restrictions by both residents and local businesses and thanked all those attending, and residents across the region, for complying with the health guidelines.

Speaking on Transport & Main Roads’ feedback from the recent community consultation process for planning for upgrades to Beachmere Road, Ms King said that $775,000 was being spent on the priority and link planning for the initial expenditure of $7m. TMR indicated that they had never seen such high community engagement for any similar project, with the biggest issues being road widening and smoothing, better turning and safety pull-over areas, better bus stops and that the road should allow for growth and flood immunity. Work should commence late 2022 to early 2023 and Ms King advised that should the initial amount of $7m not be sufficient to undertake initial priority works she would apply for additional funding to complete those works.

Funds of $850,000 from the State Government Community Stimulus Program will be used for initial upgrade to Mazlin Park in Biggs Avenue. The State government has partnered with the Moreton Bay Regional Council to create a venue for celebrations, whilst retaining the importance of local heritage aspects and usability of the local area. Maximising the potential of micro businesses in the area was also a key factor. The initial stage of groundworks, landscaping and some shade and BBQ facilities are included, with the second stage of viewing and canoe launching platforms suggested for future stages.

The contentious Shoreline Management, or ‘A line’ system, which affects residents whose properties are impacted by shoreline erosion was briefly discussed. Residents were given the opportunity to address their concerns individually at the end of the evening.

Ms King admitted that the proposed Mobile Police Beat would not be forthcoming in the near future, with funds not available until the following year’s Budget. Once it is available, the unit would be shared between Beachmere and Bribie Island. Ms King urged all residents to report any hooning or rogue driving behaviour to the Hoon Hotline and let her office know. She said statistics are essential to prove the case that more police patrols are needed in the area.

BANG’s next Forum will be held on Tuesday, 21 September with Guest Speaker, Federal Member for Longman, Terry Young.


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