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Fast-track small business Covid support, says LNP

After months of campaigning by businesses and the opposition, the State government is now being pressed to fast-track its Covid-19 business support package or risk small and family businesses closing because the money didn’t arrive in time.

The LNP says it’s been calling for months for a Covid-19 Business Support Package to include support measures such as a Sliding Scale system of payments to assist businesses of all sizes to cover loss of income due to lockdowns; Deep Cleaning Cover - a rebate covering deep cleaning fees if a business is identified as a Covid-19 exposure venue; Event Cancellation Rebates to cover financial losses if event is cancelled due to a lockdown and a temporary waiver of Marina Fees to support tourism businesses hit by the downturn.

The State government has already agreed to fee waivers for those operating in national parks, liquor licensing fee waivers, a $20 million Covid-19 cleaning rebate and a six-month deferral of payroll taxes for eligible tourism and hospitality businesses, which the opposition is asking to be extended.

“The State Government was dragged kicking and screaming to get to this point,” Shadow Treasurer David Janetzki said.

“But the Government is still failing small and family businesses who are desperately trying to keep their doors open, as not a single cent has hit their bank accounts. Thousands of businesses have been shut, watching bills pile up, with no way to make an income. They can’t wait any longer.”

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