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Fishing Report

The Local Island and Surrounds News would like to welcome and introduce Danny and Michelle, from their new Bait and Tackle shop, ‘Island Fishing Supplies’ in Banksia Beach, who will be contributing our well read monthly local in-shore fishing report.

Unfortunately the end of 2021 and beginning of 2022 has seen a run of bad weather for boaties in our beautiful region. Regardless of this, keen anglers have managed to grab opportunities for a spot of fishing and crabbing.

Campers at Mission Point have caught some nice Mangrove Jack on lightly weighted live baits such as Poddy Mullet, Garfish and Herring. Jason Thorp recently caught this beautiful specimen on a live Gar!

Jason Thorpe with a Mangrove Jack

Some very nice Flathead have been caught in the same area on soft plastic lures, using 4 inch Zman Paddle Tail Swimmerz with a ¼ ounce Jighead, of which we have a good supply in our shop. There are plenty of Grunter Bream around, preferring the live bloodworms, with a chance of catching some nice Whiting.

The stretch through Gallagher’s Gutter is proving fruitful for nice Grassy Sweetlip caught on fresh squid. Possibility of the odd Snapper as well!

Large Bream have been firing in the Canals at night, usually hiding under the pontoons, with hardy heads and white bait producing the biggest Bream.

If you are searching for a delicious feed of Mud Crabs try in the upper reaches of all creeks where some good Bucks have been caught. With nice Blue Swimmer Crabs being caught around Sandstone Point in the Channel and the Bay.

Locals have fished Red Beach and Skirmish Point with great results for summer Whiting. Massive Dart have been caught in the surf on the open beaches of Woorim using bloodworms and pippies, providing great fun for anglers as they put up a good fight in the waves, being caught on light tackle.

If you are keen to venture over to Moreton Island, Squid are plentiful! It is a case of finding the weed beds and you’ll find the Squid. They like to use weed beds as cover to ambush their prey. Drift around with Squid jigs size 2.5 or 3.0 with an orange or green pattern being the preferred colours. Cast as far away from the boat as possible, let the Squid jigs slowly sink and then hop-it back towards the boat whilst winding in the slackline. You will feel a heavy pull and usually with the larger squid, they will peel off line and put up a good fight. Before you pull them into the boat, ensure they have shot out all the ink.

Enjoy fishing in March and remember to catch only what you need!

Danny and Michelle


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