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From the Editor

Welcome to issue 73

Cranky Lizard has returned from holidays, and he talks about what can we expect in the next 12 months.

And for the women who love their fishing, there is a women’s fishing classic which you all can participate in. see page 13. Next issue we will be increasing our fishing report to also have on shore fishing tips from Danny at Island Fishing Supplies. Now we will cover both on shore and off shore fishing tips.

Have you heard all the Helicopters hovering over Bribie Island and our region lately? There has been a Heliport approval at Sandstone Point Hotel see page 14 for the update on this issue and Matt has done a great article about the hidden costs of Covid on page 16.

As usual please support our advertisers who make this publication possible and there is no better community spirit when locals support locals.

Warm regards

Belinda Ferguson

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