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Holly, Jolly and Local!

By Amelia Strazdins

The weather is getting warmer, the shops are getting busier, and the end of the year is fast approaching. By this point, I’m sure we’ve all noticed the early arrival of the holiday season, particularly within the retail sector.

Christmas lights are out in October, decorations are being displayed in November. It all seems a little crazy, just like 2021. This year has brought many challenges, particularly to industries and smaller businesses around Australia. Postal delays, inability to access stock and worldwide shortages have placed many small Aussie businesses in difficult positions.

These family, locally-owned businesses are at the heart of our economy and our community. Part of what keeps Bribie functioning are the cafes, boutiques, independently-owned businesses, and local shops. They not only help boost the economy but add charm and a sense of community to our island. Unfortunately, many are still suffering from lasting impacts of lockdowns and the pandemic.

So, what can we do? The answer is simple: Shop Local. I’m sure we’ve all heard on the news about the importance of buying presents early this year due to predicted shortages. And whilst this is an importantant consideration, so is showing support to our local Aussie businesses.

From vouchers to new clothes to books, a nice dinner out or a picnic featuring local produce, there are many ways in which we can support our community. Even donations made in the Christmas Spirit, every action helps. It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of green and red. However, the season is truly about giving and helping others, ensuring that we all have a holly, jolly day.

Our local businesses truly do so much for our community. From sponsoring sport teams, to helping schools and backing new community projects and ideas. They are part of the foundation of our island. In offering them our support this Christmas we show our appreciation, assist in the growth of their livelihoods, and help both owners and their families.

So, as we begin to think about what to put under the tree, consider the importance of small, local businesses. Take a minute to consider the hardships they’ve endured in the past eighteen months. Whatever way you choose to approach the gift giving season, we can endeavour to ensure it is in a way that offers our support to those who need it most. You could donate to your favourite small business on the island or maybe pay it forward at your local café.

However you want to do it, get out and about on Bribie and show your support.


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