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Keeping the volunteer spirit alive in the community

By Sheree Hoddinett

Bringing first aid to the community for the community is not always an easy task, but it’s one Moreton Bay First Aid Volunteers do without a second thought. From local events to big shows, sporting clubs and school fetes, this dedicated team of experienced and equipped volunteers provide injury and illness assistance when it’s needed the most. It’s a role that isn’t always appreciated enough but one that is necessary to help ensure community events can go ahead safely.

Moreton Bay First Aid Volunteers first started in 2018 because a need was identified following the demise of a similar organisation. Daryl Bull (vice president) and Di Nicholls-Bull (secretary) have both been a part of the group since its humble beginning. Initially, there was only 7 people and now the group has expanded to more than 25 volunteers, a number they would love to see continue to grow.

While not a prerequisite for becoming a part of Moreton Bay First Aid Volunteers, some current members do have a medical background. Anyone who has previous medical/health experience or is interested in furthering their medical training is encouraged to get in touch with the group.

“Basic first aid and CPR, as well as a Blue Card and Covid vaccination now, is all they need to start with,” Daryl says. “If people want to progress, there is that opportunity to go to a medic level within the group and we will assist anyone looking to do this.”

Always on the hunt for new faces to help out, Moreton Bay First Aid Volunteers is looking for those interested to consider reaching out. So, what makes a good volunteer?

“Someone that makes a commitment and they actually want to be there as we have had people turn up in the past and then disappear,” Di says. “We want people to make a commitment, but they don’t have to go to every event. They do have to be well presented and be able to talk to people as well. Ideally what we’d like to recruit is people who are retired and still want to do something. They don’t have to come from the health or medical industry. All they need is first aid, CPR, blue card and a definite commitment to be a part of the group.”

“Even mums who have kids at school and can offer a few hours during the week or a husband and wife team on the weekend,” Daryl adds. “It’s very difficult for organisations like ours because no one wants to volunteer anymore, it’s a dying breed. But when people go to an event or a show, they still expect someone there to give them a band aid or help if they need it.”

Working under the umbrella of Queensland First Aid Volunteers, the Moreton Bay group cover a wide range of events including:

· Agricultural shows and rodeos

· BMX club racing

· Horse riding

· Festivals

· Fetes

· School events and more.

“In 2021 we covered 107 events for the year, which wasn’t a bad outcome given the impact of the pandemic on everyone else,” Daryl says.

“We’ll do a whole range of events,” Di adds. “We cover local school fetes, Caboolture and Redcliffe Show; the BMX clubs at Pine Rivers and Caboolture - we have an annual contract with them; Burpengary Pony Club and all of their events down there. We also do events like Dayboro Day, Samford Music Under the Stars and events on Bribie. Anything in the Moreton Bay Region, which is quite an area to cover.”

Currently storing their gear at Storage King in Burpengary and running their training from the community hall, Moreton Bay First Aid Volunteers are on the hunt for a more permanent base.

“Laurie at Storage King has been so good to us from day one and sponsored us with a shed for all our gear,” Daryl says. “That’s now evolved into 2 sheds and he has sponsored us for the whole time. We’re just so grateful for his support. Our focus now is on recruitment, awareness, and a main base, so we can have everything in the one spot. We’re also looking for a major sponsor to come on board as well.”

Moreton Bay First Aid Volunteers is a registered charity with the Australian Charities & Not-for-Profits Commission and also endorsed as a Public Benevolent Institution with the Australian Tax Office.

The group meet at the Burpengary Community Hall on Station Road, Burpengary for training on the first and third Tuesday of every month (6.30-8.30pm). If you would like to support or volunteer for Moreton Bay First Aid Volunteers, please visit their website or email


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