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By Kathy Vincent

Not often do we have the honour of an ex-London Metropolitan Police Officer living on Bribie. Though I do know of one other!

Michael Claxton, once Police Officer, now Author, recently attended our Club to share some of his experiences and adventures with us.

He kept us all enthralled with the origins of the Scotland Yard and his contributions there.

As a member of the ‘London Pick Pocket Team’, he patrolled the busy streets identifying and apprehending pick pockets in action.

Time within the ‘murder squad’ afforded him the opportunity to work a few ‘gruesome’ cases.

All these past experiences and events have attributed to his ideas and influenced his writing. Being able to separate fact from fiction makes for captivating detective novels!

Of particular interest was his inside knowledge of how TV Detective programmes equate to the ‘real thing’, confirming that they are nothing alike. TV series ‘Vera’ is probably the closest!


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