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The Luxury of Our Backyard

There are many things that we take for granted; running water, access to food and fresh air. And the Environment is perhaps one of those things that we as humans take most for granted. Clean beaches, access to hiking trails and even our own backyards, are all aspects of nature that many of us consider a ‘right’, not a luxury. On Bribie we are fortunate enough to live by the water, with kangaroos quite literally in our streets, and beautiful local parks. A large aspect of our lives and our community is dependent on a healthy environment. However, many people do not fully understand the ongoing damage that is threatening the environment, on a local and global scale.

In efforts to raise awareness about the harm caused to the environment, international groups such as the United Nations have created, and supported, dedicated days such as World Earth Day on April 22. This day encourages everyone to not only acknowledge nature, but also to recognise what changes we can make to help preserve the environment, and more importantly what we can do to help it flourish. Although this date is weeks away, this time allows for us to begin to implement changes in our everyday lives. Many of these changes are small but are significant in helping to protect the environment. The most important aspect of these changes is consistency. Through the continued practice of environmentally-friendly actions, we will begin to see long-lasting changes. Thus, the question is posed, what can we do?

Reusable water bottles are a simple and easy way to help cut down single use plastic purchases. Focusing on planning meals and taking prepared lunches to work and school helps reduce food wastage. Introducing and supporting recycling systems within homes, workplaces and public settings not only ensures the plastic is properly processed but also helps prevent it from ending up in our waterways. Australian supermarkets have also begun to help support more active recycling efforts, with outline and plans for safe battery disposals ensuring that the harmful objects do not end up in our general rubbish. Living on or near Bribie also allows many opportunities to walk or cycle instead of driving. These alternatives to driving serve a dual purpose. Not only do they reduce pollution but allow us to pay better attention to our surroundings. Picking rubbish up off the ground or from the beach is another small action that holds great impact.

In making the effort to introduce these changes we are promoting a healthier environment, a cleaner community and better planet. These actions, no matter how small, display our commitment to the beautiful region we call Home. It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life. Take a moment to recognise the beauty of our backyards, think about the Passage we cross on a daily basis and consider what you can do to help protect it.

- Amelia Strazdins


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