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U3A Beachmere will continue to offer classes and workshops till the end of 2020 as their Term Four Program launches in early October.

Chair, Barb Woodroffe, said the response from students had been wonderful with all classes and workshops in their Mini Term Three program full.

“One of our main aims at U3A Beachmere is to combat isolation and loneliness by getting our seniors out of their homes,” Barb said.

“We wanted to get our students back into U3A classes and activities and we were fortunate enough to have Tutors who were supportive.  We have some of the very best Tutors in a number of fields.”

“We have a wonderful new venue and it just fell into place for us to get started and encourage everyone to get involved and learning again.”

“The U3A Beachmere Program includes yoga classes, including Gentle Chair Yoga, as well as Guitar, Mind Matters, Mixed Media Acrylics, Quilting, a Writing class, Card Marking and our very popular Mosaics and Orchid classes.  We can’t wait to get Term Four started.”

A recent General Meeting of members also voted to incorporate and pursue a “stand alone” campus in the Beachmere area.  

For more information about U3A Beachmere, email or phone 0456 685 736.

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