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Women’s Fishing Classic

Hi readers of ‘the Local’ Newspaper. My name is Nicole Robinson. I am a wife and a mother who resides on the Sunshine Coast and who loves fishing. Whilst I may not be the most knowledgeable angler, I certainly am enthusiastic and keen.

Women remain a small minority in this wonderful sport. According to recent sensor data, approximately only 10% of the Australian fishing industry market is female.

Some female anglers still feel intimidated even after entering local fishing competitions, interacting with local tackle shops, acquiring knowledge, and understanding through fishing magazines and communicating with fellow anglers.

My aim, for the past couple of years, has been to encourage likeminded females to ‘give it a go’. To educate and support them to connect with others with similar fishing interests. Thus the ‘Women’s Fishing Classic’ was born.

The huge success of our first ever Women’s Fishing Classic sparked such interest, that women are already signing up for this year’s competition, greatly increasing our numbers for 2022. We aim to increase our advertising exposure for this year’s competition making it even bigger and better.

This ‘all Ladies’ fishing competition encourages and is open to, every type of recreational female angler, from all ages and skill levels, to compete, hosting saltwater, freshwater, boat, kayak, shore and bait/lure.


Competitors are able to fish anywhere from Inskip Point (not Fraser Island) to the Tweed River.

Offshore competitors can compete up to 70km out to sea. Offshore includes fishing craft within the boundary.

Inshore fishing includes land-based fishing off the beach and everywhere inland on the boundary map.

Included for freshwater anglers are Lake Macdonald, Borumba Dam, Ewen Maddock Dam, Somerset Dam, Moogerah Dam, Hinze Dam.

This competition encompasses a vast area, so local female anglers get ready to throw a line at your favourite fishing spots.

Recommended fishing spots to ‘the Local’ by the Locals

There is an awesome pressure edge at Skirmish Point where the two tides meet. Cockle Banks is fantastic for whiting. And some good holes at the mouth of Ningi Creek for Bream or drifting for Flathead.


The fishing commences at midnight Friday, 29th April 2022 and ceases at 12pm Friday 27th May 2022, when all lines must be out of the water.


Senior competitors (aged 16 and over) $100 entry fee and can register online.

Junior competitors (aged 4-15) $65 entry fee and should be accompanied/supervised by a senior competitor.


We would like to say a special thank you to Bribie Boat Hire and Bribie Beach Shack for their generous sponsorship and support.

By becoming a sponsor, you can make a difference to the success of this event and its continuation. We are now on the lookout for further sponsors, for both cash and prizes to be donated. If you would like to see this event grow and become an annual event, please contact us for more details.

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Happy fishing!!

Nicole Robinson

(Event coordinator)


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