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You may never know what artistic talent you have lurking inside you until you give it a try.

Many people join one of the many Art Classes at U3A and are amazed at what they can learn and create so quickly.

With more than 150 different classes each week, there are more than 20 different art classes that encourage discovery of your creativity in all sorts of media.

People get together for a couple of hours each week to help each other explore their artistic potential, and are amazed at what they can produce.

Tutors provide guidance in Acrylic Painting,  Pencil Drawing, Folk Art, Silk Painting and Watercolour,  and how to explore new dimensions of Composition and creativity in Workshops.

It’s all about having lots of creative fun with like-minded people.

Some are Masters and others are Apprentices.

For some it is their first attempt at creative Art as an adult. One new student was heard to remark  “Because I had not done Art before I didn’t think had  any talent, but now I have  the confidence to release my creative spirit”.

U3A display talent at Community Arts Centre.

The amazing diversity of works by the U3A Masters and their Apprentices will be on display for Bribie residents and visitors from January 21 to February 10th at the Community Arts Centre.

The Printmakers and Mixed Media Group will display a range of their creative and experimental works .The  Watercolour group will showcase the unlimited potential of mixing water and colour in so many inspiring ways. The Pen Plus group utilise the multiple techniques of Pen, Pencil and Ink Wash to create a variety of imaginative and realistic images. The Advanced Drawing group, will display their collaborative work combining the free range talents of their many different techniques.

A group of Silk Painters have individual styles that create absolutely unique items to wear and display. Another group of ladies explore the potential and diversity of uses for a variety of  Acrylic painting.

The output of Artists Workshops reveal just what can be achieved with inspiration and guidance by a group having fun.

Such a diversity of Art on display  in this very special exhibition that goes  beyond what you may regard as simply “Art” with a  wide variety of works using different and inspiring media .

Don’t miss it.

Where can you see this amazing creativity.

The Exhibition is on from January 21st to February 10th and is open each day between 10 am and 4pm, except Mondays when the Arts Centre is closed.

Go along to the Community Arts Centre on Sunderland Drive, take your friends and family and appreciate the pleasure and fun that can be had when creativity is unleashed.

You might even be inspired to join one of the many  U3A  Classes

Bribie Island U3A is on holiday until Term 1 starts on January 29th.

Enrolment for all Term 1 classes takes place at U3A Centre on Saturday 19th January and Wednesday 23rd January.

Timetables of all daily classes can be found at the Bribie Island Library, Visitor Information and Neighbourhood Centre, and all details and classes already full can be found on the U3A Web site

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