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Hi readers of ‘the LOCAL’ newspaper

Tailor aplenty anywhere from Sandstone Point, Woorim Beach, White Patch and Pacific Harbour Canals, with an abundance of Bream being caught in the canals.

White Patch and the Flats at Banksia Beach for Flathead and Flounder with Soft Plastics yielding the better catch, especially the Zman 4” Swimmerz.

Deb Lang caught this nice Flathead flicking Soft Plastics at White Patch

If you are looking for Squid, they have definitely moved in and around the Bribie bridge. Even though it is still winter, plenty of Mud Crabs have been taken in the upper reaches of the Pumicestone Passage.

Summer Whiting are starting to turn up along Woorim Beach.

Phillip Gee caught this fine Summer Whiting through the week

The prime time for anglers to target Summer Whiting/Sand Whiting is September which is just around the corner. There are many ways to catch these tasty fish ranging from using Surface Lures, Soft Plastics and of course Baits. Most popular baits being either Live Worms or Live Yabbies.

Zman – 4” Soft Plastics Mud Crabs

I like to fish as light as possible and using baits 6 to 8lb Monofilament Line a 9ft – 10ft light whippy rod for in the passage is perfect. My rig usually consists of a ball sinker, with the size of the sinker depending on where I am fishing. The ball sinker sits on top of a swivel with a fairly long trace, about 1 metre, then down to a size 1 Gamakatsu worm hook with the little bait holders near the eye of the hook. Early morning and late afternoon are the best times to chase these fish. I favour an early afternoon low tide where I pump Yabbies, then wait for the incoming tide to flood the same area. You will be surprised how little water you need to catch these fish.

I prefer live Yabbies and Bloodworms when chasing Whiting. If you can’t get any live Yabbies’, live Bloodworms are just as effective.

Remember don’t be afraid to move around to find the schools of fish!

Enjoy fishing and remember to catch only what you need!

Danny and Michelle

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