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Greetings readers of ‘the LOCAL’ newspaper,


Anglers have been successful catching whiting and flathead, using live yabbies and bloodworms in Sandstone Point.


Along Red Beach and Skirmish Point, bloodworms have been the bait of choice for whiting and dart, with some school mackerel and tailor caught on pilchards.

Tomas Vlainic caught this Tailor at Skirmish Point.


Decent flathead have been caught down Turners Camp Road on live baits and soft plastics, with some good grunter bream hooked in the mouth of Ningi Creek.


Great whiting caught in the White Patch area on live bloodworms and flathead on soft plastics. With plenty of blue swimmer crabs in the passage at Banksia Beach through to White Patch.

Blue Swimmer Crabs – Banksia Beach


Jacks are mostly cover orientated and may not bite for long periods during a tide cycle. Good jack anglers with cover ground test each pontoon, rock wall and bridge pylon, marking the location for next time, once they find a red fish.

Jack bite times vary, but many like the build-up to an afternoon storm or hot humid mornings on a rising tide. Whilst others prefer the change on low tide. Night time is also favoured for trophy hunters. Jacks will take hard bodied and soft plastic lures, mostly in the 70–110mm range. However, the next one to grab a 50mm crank will not be the last.

Some anglers also use big swim baits with some success.

A couple of nice mangrove jacks caught in the canals by Lochie

Hard bodies lures for mangrove jack

Anglers need a stronger outfit to wrestle these hard fighting fish from structure. Many fish will win their freedom with lure losses high. In Southeast Queensland, jacks in the canals can reach well over 50cm and some huge fish in the 60-70’s have been taken.

Enjoy your fishing and remember to only catch what you need!

Danny and Michelle

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