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Happy New Year and welcome to the first Local paper for 2023 and Issue 85

As usual, this Issue brings us some very interesting articles. One is a wonderful story about a local lady, Judi Waller, who has published her first book at age 87 with more exciting writing still to come.

The Bribie Island bridge turns 60 this year. Our talented feature writer Sheree Hoddinett has put together some interesting facts, for example when and how it was constructed. Did you know at the time it was built, the bridge was the longest pre-stressed, pre-cast concrete bridge in Australia?

In May this year all women are invited to once again participate in the ‘Women’s Fishing Classic’ for the third year in a row.

The Brennan Park upgrade is now complete and looks incredible, with some new added features making it a family friendly destination on Bribie.

We also have an article about changing the eastern seaboard time zone, not daylight saving, just standardising time zones across the eastern seaboard all year round. Let us know what you think after reading this article from our local writer Alistair Gray.

As usual, we cover a wide variety of local issues, while showcasing our local businesses. It is our local businesses who make this publication possible, so please support them.

Until next month,

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