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It’s all happening at Beachmere Community Garden!

Helen from the Lions Club of Beachmere presents Beachmere Community Garden Chairperson David with a donation while some of the members look on.

The fledgling Beachmere Community Garden has already been very busy, with several events and activities already undertaken. The LOCAL News had a chat with Chairperson David to find out more about the association and its role in the community.

Firstly, David, where is it?

It’s in a great location, right in the centre of town, next to the Hub, Bowls Club and the water tower.

So why do we need a community garden in Beachmere?

We believe it is important to understand where our food comes from and to have a connection to the production of the food. Whether that is in growing it yourself or having some knowledge of the people and process that grew it.

Is it all about the food then?

No, not at all. As our name states, this is a Community Garden, and a major focus will be on community. We plan to provide a green space for everyone in the community by making the garden as accessible as possible. We see this as an area where people can meet and learn about food production and be inspired to apply new knowledge and skills in their garden at home.

What kind of gardens will there be?

Whilst the overall objective is food production, the design incorporates sensory gardens that stimulates all of the senses. This will be achieved by the selection of plants, water features and other elements. This type of garden is a wonderful tool for assisting in disability support, education of young children and mental stimulation for elderly or people with dementia.

Will there be individual allotments?

No. The group has decided to focus on the sensory design and a community sharing ethos, where produce will be donated to charities, kept for seed saving or used in cooking demonstrations. Any excess would then be shared amongst the members.

Has the garden started yet?

There is nothing on site yet as we are still working through Council requirements. The members have been extremely busy with a lot of work going on in the background. The lease on 300m2 of MBRC land was approved in June. Since then, we’ve held a demonstration on water efficient gardening, and we’ve begun our monthly plant stall / garage sales, which will be on the first Saturday each month, on site from 8am to 11am.

How is this project being funded?

Like most new not-for-profit associations, we have started with no funds, so the members have been busily fundraising and applying for grants. We’ve been lucky enough to receive some small grants from Moreton Bay Regional Council, and the Lions Club of Beachmere have generously offered to support us by matching our fundraising efforts for a year. We are very grateful for the support from Council, Lions Club of Beachmere, and local businesses.

How do people get involved?

I’d invite people to check out our website and Facebook page and read our guiding principles and newsletters, and if this sounds like something they are interested in, then come along to a meeting and meet the other members. There are various levels of membership based on how involved you want to be.

For more information and enquiries, email or visit


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