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Sandgarden Photograph Competition Winners

As part of Beachmere’s Back to Beachmere Celebrations, everyone was invited to build a Sandgarden and enter a photograph in the Sandgarden Photograph Competition.

Beachmere was a major destination for entire families as early as the 1920s, when people would travel to the beach to build sandgardens and enter the competitions held by major newspapers at the time.

This trend continued and several families entered entries in the most recent competition as part of the belated Sesquicentenary Celebrations.

Sandgardens must, of course, be built on the beach; must be no more than one metre square, generally include geometric shapes and use natural materials such as shells, cuttlefish and small driftwood pieces.

Winner of First Prize was Jacob Watts, with his dad Rick, just one team of several families who built sandgardens and entered the competition.


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