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The recent Public Meeting in Beachmere arranged to gauge interest in, and garner support for, a Beachmere U3A Campus met with significant support from over 100 people on the day.

Beachmere Area Network Group President, Karen Harris, the local community group organising the meeting said the response was very pleasing and showed Beachmere was ready for a U3A campus of its own.

“Over 100 people attended the meeting and there was definitely a positive atmosphere. People were putting their hands up to be Tutors and we are very excited about the variety of classes we will be able to offer,” Karen said.

“Beachmere residents travel to both Bribie and Caboolture to attend classes and enjoy the U3A learning experience. From Term One 2019 they will be able to enjoy a multitude of classes much closer to home in Beachmere.”

“Initially we will be operating under the umbrella of Bribie U3A but expect that within about twelve months we will be our own entity. Bribie, Caboolture and Beachmere will have reciprocal membership arrangements for classes and we anticipate that will be welcomed by our new members as we establish and grow.”

Vice President of Bribie U3A, Ann Brooks was eloquent in her support of U3A in a community and the benefits it achieved for individuals, especially new people to the area. Ann said Bribie was happy to offer Beachmere every support to get established and will be working with the Beachmere committee to ensure it’s success.

President of Caboolture U3A Wendy Sanders also attended and spoke of the support Caboolture U3A had received in starting out, and how successful Caboolture campus is now – not only in the number of members but also in changes it had made to member’s attitude to learning, meeting new people and gaining a renewed purpose in life.

Both Ann and Wendy said people gained great satisfaction from not only enjoying classes at U3A but also volunteering, meeting new people and learning new skills.

With Beachmere, Caboolture and Bribie U3A agreeing to reciprocal membership arrangements all U3A members across the region should be very pleased.

Anyone interested in joining Beachmere U3A can find information at Bribie U3A, or by sending an email to or calling 0456 685 736. Membership and registration forms can also be found at any Beachmere Area Network Group (BANG) project, event or activity.

Just some of the 100 plus crowd that came along for the launch of U3A Beachmere.

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